Friday, 27 March 2015

Lush - Easter Range

Lush is my all time favourite store for bath products and soaps, seriously. I always enjoy their high-quality bath bombs/bubble bars, and oh how I love it when they release special, holiday-related items! Which brings me to my mini, limited edition haul, which I will update more once I use all of these products.

Golden Egg Bath Ballistic - $6.50
This is so magnificent & just look at that glitter, I had to have it! It reminds me of the golden goose eggs in Willy Wonka. This bath ballistic is made with organic, fair trade, Columbian Peace Village cocoa butter & olive oil - So moisturising! It smells lovely too since it's actually their Honey I Washed the Kids scent, very sweet and relaxing. I can't wait to use this & end up a glittery mess. Update: Just soaked with this and omg, why does it have to be a limited product! It smells divine, like a caramel chocolate egg. I'll be sparkling for days. My skin is so soft too, this bath bomb really delivers.

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb - $6.50 [Sold Out Online]
Too. Cute. I love the sugary sweet smell of this bath bomb. It's very reminiscent of the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar & the Think Pink Bath Bomb

Carrot Soap - $6.95
Mine kind of turned up as half a rabbit but I don't mind, still interesting either way. Thankfully, this soap doesn't smell like carrots, it's much nicer. The orange section is made with carrot oil which is not only moisturising, but brightening too. The bunny part is made of cocoa butter, perfect for this particularly drying Autumn weather. 

Rainbow Bright Gift - $14.95
I originally had purchased this for myself but I'm going to have to see if my sister would like it. I just can't stomach the fragrance of both the contained products - Pot O' Gold Jelly & Somewhere Over the Rainbow Soap. I was so excited to try the shower jelly because it's so beautifully shiny & plus, shower jelly is the best. smells like black licorice, only more sickly. I hate black licorice, so there's no way I'm going to use this. The soap, sadly, has a slight rose scent which I'm not keen on either. But it really looks amazing.

Bonus! Dirty Shaving Cream - $9.95
This was actually a total surprise to me. Apparently the Lush packagers occasionally throw in a 'Random Act of Kindness' with online orders. It was so lovely, very unexpected. Smells quite masculine, judging by the online write up, this shaving cream is more targeted towards beards but I'm sure it will do a lovely job of my legs either way.

image image image

I'm not sure how long these products will be instore for, I think they usually shelve them almost immediately after the holiday has passed. They are still available online too [Shipping costs $9], I know Lush stores can be a bit elusive in Australia. Their products are usually very neatly packaged, lots of little foam pieces, tightly wrapped in plastic etc. 

But, I do highly recommend picking up the Golden Egg while it's still there, even just as a cute present for someone over Easter. I might have to head down to my local Lush and pick up a few more items that weren't online when I was purchasing these. Fingers crossed!


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