Friday, 13 February 2015

NYX Wicked Lippies

NYX Cosmetics are undoubtedly one of my favourite makeup brands. I have so many of their products & yet I cannot help but add to my collection every time I go to Target. So, when I was there earlier this week, I was so ecstatic to see that they've finally stocked the Wicked Lippies range! So this is all old news to those that reside out of Australia. Now we just need the Macaron ones and I can live happily. 

I only bought four but don't worry, I'll make my way through all of the others soon. You can actually buy them instore or online for $12.95 each.

L-R Natural vs Artifical Lighting: Betrayal, Wrath, Power & Envy.

Sometimes, I buy lip products based on how pretty they are in-tube, rather than how nice they'll look on. Probably not the best idea, but it's a habit I'll just have to live with! Such was the case for Betrayal & Envy. They just look so vibrant and daring, maybe some day I'll dare to wear them outside of home. 

I recommend using a lip primer with these lipsticks, especially the darker ones, because they will tend to smudge a bit. Personally, I use a NYX lip primer which is great for just evening out my natural lip colour, providing an excellent base.

My favourite of the four I purchased was Wrath. It's a gorgeous metallic copper-y colour, a deep gold with a slight red tone. It just really suits my skin tone and it's not too bold so it's quite versatile, I could wear it anywhere. 

Next favourite, Power. A very lovely purple lipstick which actually just reminds me of a purple lipstick my sister used to wear all the time back in the late 90's. Being a stereotypical 90's kid, I was drawn to this shade. Definitely one of the thinner lipsticks, this one takes a bit more time to build up, depending on how opaque you like your colours. 

Betrayal. Now this is a colour that just makes me want to channel my inner witch a la The Craft. Very deep purple, definitely a statement lipstick. Can turn out patchy though, so make sure you use a lip scrub beforehand because this will settle into any bits of dry, flaky lip. Plus, this is one stubborn lipstick to remove. 

Oh my, Envy. Contrary to the name, this lipstick is a shocking electric blue. Quite sheer, will take a few coats to make this lipstick really pop! on your mouth. Just like Betrayal, this lipstick will highlight the fact that you have not scrubbed. I can't really imagine an event where I might wear this lipstick but it is very eye catching so I'm not fussed.

Overall: The Wicked Lippies are great, I'll definitely have to buy a couple more. The formulas tend to vary of course but they haven't left my mouth feeling dry. They have great staying power and I just adore them. 


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