Friday, 9 January 2015

Etude House Global Haul II

That's a whole lot of mask! And here comes my follow up to my first haul post! I bought all this ages ago when Etude House had their 'free shipping over $30' event, plus half price sheet masks! I may have gone a bit crazy & bought seventeen but it sure is worth it. Plus I ordered a few more items that I've been eyeing off for some time. However, I won't be reviewing the 'Sunprise SPF 50+ Sunscreen' or the hair masks just yet because I haven't had a chance to use them. Now, onto the reviews!

First up, we have the Oh My God! Trouble Break Mist. I bought this because yes, I do have some unsightly 'trouble' that needs to be taken care of and Etude House finally did some restocking. Plus, the packaging was just too funny to pass up.

I probably shouldn't find it funny but oh my gosh, just look at it. What you do, is spray on the are 2-3 times, it doesn't say how often but I use it twice a day. This spray contains salicylic acid which helps to moisturise the skin and also helps aid in shedding skin cells. I really like this spray, it's easy to apply and doesn't really have any fragrance. Anyway, I've been using this for a month off & on and it definitely has helped. I won't say that my trouble areas have cleared up completely but it's really close. I think to completely rid of them I'd have to change something in my diet or something but this spray is great nonetheless.

Onto a product I've been eyeing for a while too, the Brush Shower Cleaner. I love this product so much that I've already ordered a second one. Pour the liquid into a small bowl and swish your brushes around in the solution, run under tap water, et voilà, clean brushes!

It's just immensely satisfying to have bright, clean brushes. There were some I didn't realise were actually meant to be a white colour! I probably should have shown you guy a white-brush example but hey, what's done is done. My brushes felt so soft after cleaning and there is a slightly floral fragrance but it's nice, not at all overbearing. My only gripe is that for my amount of brushes, I had to use a fair chunk of product, almost a third of the bottle. Big, puffy brushes like my blushers just really absorbed the product instantly. 

Next, the I Need You sheet masks. At .45c each, I couldn't really say no!

Look at that stack, crazy. The masks I actually bought were:
  • 2 x Aloe Vera  [Soothing Relief]
  • Bamboo  [Clean Moisture]
  • Mango  [Nourishing & Firming]
  • Lemon  [Tone Brightening]
  • Rice  [Purifying]
  • Pomegranate  [Smooth & Energising]
  • Honey  [Richly Moisturising]
  • Acai Berry  [Antioxidant] 
  • 3 x Hyaluronic Acid  [Moisturising]
  • Pearl  [Bright Complexion]
  • Vita Complex  [Radiating Skin]
  • Green Tea  [Moisture & Relief]
  • 2 x Tea Tree  [Soothing & Clean]
These masks are great. Seriously, any skin issue you can think of, Etude House has a mask for. My min issue is that they don't quite fit comfortably on my face though, they're a bit big in areas which I just find strange. You really need to pat this stuff in too otherwise your face might feel really sticky for a few hours. But they do seem to deliver on their descriptions! The pear mask left my face looking temporarily radiating, the aloe vera masks are incredibly soothing [especially if you put them in the fridge beforehand], and the tea tree masks helped my rather 'shiny' complexion. Etude House seems to have a half price mask promotion every now & then so I would definitely snap up a few next time. Perhaps not as many as I did because I can't imagine finishing them all in a timely fashion.

Overall: Another good purchase I'd say. Very reasonable prices, even with the whole USD-AUD conversion. The free shipping was a huge blessing because I think that I'd have to pay approx. $17 extra otherwise. 
Total Purchase Price: $36.56 USD with free shipping promotion. Etude House always have some form of promotion going on so I'd go take a look if you're interested. 


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