Monday, 5 January 2015

Ellis Faas Milky Lips - 201 Blood Red

This lipstick is amazing! I originally saw a post on Tumblr, it was a few swatches of this beautiful, rich looking lipstick and I knew I had to have it. For years I've been looking for a lipstick, gloss, what have you, that looks like blood. Unusual? Maybe. But it's that deep red colour that I'm so drawn to. I was so excited when I saw that post & so began my quest to find somewhere that stocked Ellis Faas products in Australia. Thankfully, Mecca Cosmetica does [And they have cute packaging too, I mean, look at that box above!]. The Ellis Faas Milky Lips range is taste, scent & paraben free, and, they also contain Vitamin E! They're bound to be nourishing and won't leave you with that gross post-lipstick feeling you sometimes get with other lipsticks.

First Impressions:
Well, I was actually unlucky here. My lipstick arrived and it's one of those designs where you turn the end and the product comes out. So, I did that and...nothing. No lipstick to be found. Needless to say, I wasn't happy. Thanks to wanting the lipstick asap for a party & wanting to avoid the crazy shopping crowds and therefore purchasing it in Australia, I paid $46 plus $10 shipping. So, had to take it back, thankfully they had one left in store. So my first impression wasn't too great. Plus I found the design to be a bit clunky.


So here's the actual product design itself, very pen-like I guess. It is fairly large, not the most portable lipstick ever. Judging by the Ellis Clips you can purchase, there's a bit of a military armoury theme going on here where it would essentially look like an ammunition belt. I like it, it's interesting, I certainly don't have any other products that look quite like this one.


This photo actually isn't too far off the real life swatch, amazingly. There are definitely orange undertones to this lipstick which I wasn't expecting.  I usually go for more blue-undertoned reds but this might be a game changer.  

The formula is quite thin and it is hard to build up unless you just pour out lots of product and slather it on. You definitely have to use lip primer for this one otherwise you'll just get streaks of natural lip when you try to go for full coverage. So far I haven't been able to emulate that beautiful deep colour but it could just be me. 

Let it be noted that this lipstick really doesn't have the staying power Ellis Faas says it does. If you want it to stay on, keep your mouth closed and away from drinks. I found that it lasted for a maximum of one hour at the party, requiring constant touch ups, even with some of the long-wear tips I utilised.


Sorry about the awful photo, the lighting was working against me for this one. Anyway, just a little brush applicator here. It's great for really shaping the lip and getting some great points if your mouth is a little more well defined. Not too efficient at covering the whole lip but it gets the job done.

Overall Impression: Sadly, I'm not too fussed about this lipstick. It's a lovely colour but when I compare it to the amount I paid, I just think there's other lipsticks out there that work even better for way less. If it provided more of a stain then I would be crazy about Milky Lips! But, it does look cute on so to be honest, I'm conflicted, it works with my skintone too!

Oh look, it's my face! Your first peek at the blogger behind Bluebird Beauty Reviews.

You can buy the Ellis Faas Milky Lips range online for cheaper than what I paid, especially if you're in the US [You lucky ducks]. 


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