Monday, 8 December 2014

The Vegan Box - December

This is a bit different to the usual beauty reviews but there is a face cream so I guess it sort of counts? Anyway, here is The Vegan Box, an Australian based subscription service that delivers between 6-10 organic, cruelty free, palm oil free, and vegan goodies monthly [Combination of full & travel size, as well as deluxe samples]. You even have the option to choose a gluten-free box which is pretty neat.

I've been keeping tabs on their instagram account & it finally got too much for me, I had to order one. To be honest, I ordered the December box because I thought it would contain some Christmas-themed snacks but I realised afterwards that there had been a Chrsitmas Vegan Box that I somehow managed to miss! It looked amazing too, I wish I'd known about it but I think it sold out pretty quickly.

Shipping & Prices:
One box alone costs $26.95 plus $3 shipping if you're in Australia, $10 international shipping. As with most other subscription boxes, if you decide to purchase a three month or six month subscription then the discount per box goes up. This box shipped on the first and I received it on the fourth so it was pretty quick, I just forgot to review it! My bad.

Let's see what was in December's box! 

OMG Kale Morning Glory - I've never tried kale and the idea of these kale chips are just unappealing to me but I'll brave it for a second. Well, this isn't what I was expecting. These aren't really chips but more like if a few dried fruits had been mashed together. The smell is just a bit too sweet, it's almost nauseating. I'm sure they taste alright but it looks like my boyfriend will be ending up with this. The packet says they're meant to be crunchy so I don't know, maybe my box ended up in the sun a bit too long and they just turned to mush.

Nzuri Organics Rescue Vegan Face Balm - Unfortunately, the lid on this was slightly open but there wasn't too much that escaped. Look at all those great ingredients! This face balm really does smell a lot like rosemary, it's unusual. Definitely feels very oily, it's a very light balm but I'm wondering if maybe mine was left in the sun a bit or something because it sounds like it should be a thicker product, but either way, it's still lovely. I think my boyfriend could use this more than me though so I'll see what he thinks. Also, there's an awful lot of sugar in this packet so maybe it's a good thing I'm not  kale fan.

The Museli Man Artisan Muesli - Now this is delicious. I'm a sucker for hazelnuts and there's so many in this muesli! The little cocoa oat clusters are so good too, the whole bag is delicious! I find the dried pieces of strawberry so strange and yet I don't mind them. It's just something I'm not used to. I'll definitely take little portions of this to work to snack on. 

Sol Cleanse Be Light Tea - I'm a bit skeptical of these teas that supposedly promote weight loss & detoxification. I did my time with Skinny Me Tea and I don't know, I'm still a bit iffy. To be honest, the ingredients in this tea sound like they would just have a laxative effect. I'm a huge fan of tea, but I don't know if this one is my style. Plus it contains rose petals which are just a no-go for me.

Decadent Handmade Chocolate Mallow Pop - Ah this was so tasty & I usually hate marshmallows. But the little spinkles on top were a bit hard. Apart from that, it was nice, I'm surprised it's vegan. 

Yummy Earth Sour Beans - I loved these, they were gone pretty much the second I opened the packet. So sour and yummy! I'm on the lookout for more, so good. I'm so glad they didn't contain any artificial dyes too as the usual jelly beans tend to make my eczema play up.

NutraOrganics Superfood Berry Choc Chunk Bar - This was actually really nice! A little bit dry but very chocolatey and the little bits of fruit really helped balance it out. I myself am a very fussy eater and seeing as how this bar is meant for fussy children, I could definitely see it working. Children would like this bar I think and it's packed with nutrients which is always a bonus.

Value: $29.95
Overall Impression: The monetary value is really low, even more so if you minus the two products I don't like. But that said, I still enjoyed the snacks and face balm. Overall, the box felt a bit bland but it's still a good box and I think I'll order one more just to get a firm opinion. I think it's a great idea to have an Australian-based vegan box. Australia is severely lacking in the subscription-box department and to have a box that's reasonably priced and promotes healthy/organic brands, I think it's great. 

So if you enjoy natural products that are good not only for yourself, but the environment too, then I'd suggest giving this box a try. I've seen quite a few boxes have contained Oh Deer Sugar products too which I've previously reviewed here.  


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