Thursday, 4 December 2014

Memebox - Yogurt Cosmetics

Yes! This is my favourite Memebox to date! I was so sad when I missed out on the first round [Even more so after seeing everyone's reviews] but thankfully I managed to snap it up during one of the restocks! So lucky. The second I opened Memebox's pink bubble wrap packaging, I could smell berries. So I knew which box finally arrived hah!

Pure Smile Yogurt Mask Mixed Fruits - These masks look cute. I'm glad we received two. Can never have too many sheet masks of course! And Pure Smile usually has nice products, I can't wait to use it when I get some time to chill.

Happy Bath Facial Yogurt Cleansing Foam - I received the Firming foam which is awesome, full of berrylicious godness. It smells a bit like strawberry chewing gum oddly enough. I'll have to test this out soon, it looks very promising and my face is definitely in need of some firming action. 

Ettang Modeling Takeout Cup Pack Yogurt - Well this is interesting. In terms of packaing, this product receives a 1 pretty much. But the description definitely saves it. You mix this mask with water and slather it on, wait to dry, and peel off. It sounds good and I love masks that you peel away, I don't know, I find it oddly satisfying I guess.

Pure Derm Skin Softening Strawberry Yogurt Mask - Probably the least interesting product in this box for me but that's just because it reminds me so much of my much hated Pure Derm Anti Stress Mask [Reasons for hate can be found here]. I'll do a test patch and hopefully I don't have a bad reaction because I love all things strawberry.

Rappol Calming Cream - I really like the sound of this cream. The card says that the people behind Rappol created products that could be used on their baby so hopefully this cream is just so so gentle. Perfect for me, my face always seems to have random periods of redness. But I really doubt it would cost $59...unless it's super amazing in which case I'm even more excited to use this!

Holika Holika I Want Chu Lip Balm 01 Strawberry Smoothie - Ah I really love novelty items like this! I tried the strawberry part alone and it tastes so good. Can't wait to see whether it really tastes like a smoothie next time my boyfriend comes over. Quality testing! 

Value according to Memebox: $96
Paid: $25 USD

Overall: This is by far my favourite Memebox so far! If they ever release another yogurt box, I highly recommend purchasing it. But, I have a feeling that Memebox might be reigning in the release of boxes for now, maybe it's just an end-of-year slump. Either way, yogurt = great box! 


  1. The Takeout Cup looks so interesting! I agree about the packaging, but I also love peel off masks. I'd definitely buy this box if it came out again!

    1. Yeah, it was a really unusual product, I really liked it. Peel off masks are so underrated, they're great!

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