Saturday, 6 December 2014

Memebox - Samantha Schuerman Collaboration

Another Memebox collaboration! This time Memebox teamed up with beauty vlogger Samantha Schuerman to produce this rather amazing box filled to the brim with skincare and makeup, with a little bit of haircare thrown into the mix too.

RiRe Lip Manicure - I received the Brick Red colour and I'm not a huge fan of it. I was kind of hoping for the Wine Burgundy colour because I just usually wear deeper colour but oh well. This is still a great product, it has good pigmentation, great staying power and it dries so quickly! But it does feel a bit chalky.

RiRe Pigment 3 Set - These looked so beautiful in the promotional photos but in real life they're a little bit clumpy looking in the little pots. However, that doesn't matter, they go on so sparkly and gorgeous. I'm in love with the Club Burgundy pigment, probably won't ever wear Snow White though. Be warned, these pigments are essentially glitter and so you will find it absolutely everywhere after use.

Secret Key New Premium So Fast Hair Booster Hair Pack - My hair is in dying need of some TLC and thankfully this can be done in the space of a shower so I'll actually remember to use it, hopefully.

M.Daida Butter Cream Lip Mask - I don't actually have any proper lip masks at the moment, and I've never used one before so this is really exciting for me! It sounds really nourishing and I can't wait to use this.

Youngwoosa I Love You Oh Thank You Green Tea Seed Essence - What an unusual name...I love it. Oh the card says this essence is a gift for showing love and gratitude, thanks Memebox. I'm hoping to start making my skincare regime more similar to that of the Korean regime and I was in need of an essence so this will be put to good use.

Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Sebum Powder In Mist - I've been dying to try this mist! Oh it smells so good, I love that it's not floral smelling. My face certainly looks more matte after it dries. Such a useful product, I'm really warming up to Holika Holika! I'll have to test out it's staying power after a rough shift at work tomorrow.

Too Cool For School Play Cheek Angel Blusher 02 Sweet Peach - Oh this is so cute, the little brush is so puffy! The colour is so pretty too, I do love a good peach blush, I was definitely in need for some more. The subtle shimmer is really lovely and I can definitely see myself wearing this every day. 

Value according to Memebox: $144
Purchased: $25 USD

Overall Impression: This was a fantastic collaboration box, Samantha Schuerman really knows her stuff. I enjoyed this far more than the CutiePieMarzia box I ordered a while ago. If ever Samantha collaborates with Memebox again, take notice. The blend of products in this box was just so good, and I really enjoy every single item.