Monday, 1 December 2014

Memebox - Etude House Superbox

Somebody's getting a bit slack in the postal area, my Etude House box only just arrived! I live in Australia and my previous boxes used to be here within two weeks! Oh well, I'm just happy to have them anyway, just wish I could post more timely reviews. Now, onto the review.

Oh My Lash Mascara 01 - This is a top coat for your lashes, either use it alone or on top of your mascara to lock it in. I really like the idea of this mascara, sometimes in Summer I notice that I get little mascara marks under my eyes which is pretty annoying, so hopefully this helps! Very good timing, it's really starting to heat up here.

Moistful Collagen Cream - I've been looking forward to using this cream, I've heard nothing but positives! This also came with a bonus Moistful Essence which is pretty neat. Unfortunately, this cream just made my face so agitated. I'm so disappointed because it smells nice, it feels nice, it's a good cream. I just happen to be sensitive to something in it. Oddly though, my face is perfectly fine with the essence. 

Play Therapy Sleeping Pack - I almost bought this online the other day so I'm really glad I held off! Been after a sleeping pack for ages, the idea just sounds so good to me. The packaging for this is really cute and the scent is very floral, very almost rosy. I'll have to do a small test of this just in case I'm allergic to it too. But I hope not, I really want to keep it!

Belle Dress Pretty Look Shower Cologne - I thought this might be kind of tacky because, I don't know, the packaging just reminds me of plastic children's products. But, to my surprise, I really love this scent! It smells like red licorice or just fruity candy. The perfume has really good staying power too and it doesn't seem to fade like some perfumes do. Two hours later and it was still going strong. So yeah, love the scent, hate the bottle.

Face Conditioning Fixer - I was doubtful whether this could get me to part with my regular spray-fixer - Skindinavia's Bridal Makeup Finish - but I have to tell you, I think it has! I love how nice this smells and you get a really nice, even spray of fixer. It is very soothing too, also perfect for Summer. I used it before a nine hour shift and my makeup is still just the same as it was before I left, it's a miracle! 

Brow Mascara - I received this in Natural Brown, thankfully. Perfect shade for my brows. The applicator delivers nice, even amounts of the mascara and it just looks really natural. I like it. This mascara is definitely waterproof, I did a quick swatch on my hand and it tok lots of frantic scrubbing to get it to even slightly budge. 

Value According to Memebox: $60
Price Paid: $31 USD 

Overall: This is a great box, I was really happy to snap it up. The difference between the value of the items vs what I paid isn't too great but it still worked out cheaper than what I'd individually pay on other stores I guess. I can't help but think they could've maybe added a couple of masks or just something more typically 'cute', which is what Etude House does best. But these products are great and I plan on using everything, besides the Moistful cream which I'll give to someone with less finicky skin. 


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