Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Memebox - Cleopatra Box

Another box I was very eager to receive! I was hoping for some very luxurious, probably milky products in keeping with the whole Cleopatra theme. Bathing in milk & honey, face masks & hair treatments are what come to mind when I think of Cleopatra's beauty regime. Memebox seemed to have the same idea too when I read their description for this box, but did they get it right? 

Xaivita+ Goat Milk Whitening Cream - First of all, I love the packaging for this cream. It looks like a little milk carton and then the jar itself looks like frosted glass with a faux-wooden lid. I've never tried a goat's milk cream before, but it sounds nourishing and might leave my skin feeling quite supple. I find it unusual that the box says the cream will 'protect from fine dust or yellow dust'...very specific there, or am I missing something? Either way, good to know. Can never get too much dust protection I guess. $70 value though? I'm a bit skeptical, I've really only seen it retailing for $50. I'm onto you Memebox.

Cossu Body Ade Rose - This is a multi-functional rose water based cleanser. As good as it sounds, I'm going to have to give this to my sister. I don't want to risk traumatising my skin with such a high amount of rose water. 

WillSpa Touch Secret For Women - I love the idea of this product but I have the scent. There are a variety of oils in this roller, all meant to meld together to form a 'therapeutic blend that will refresh & relieve stress. Unfortunately for me, this roller just prompted a seemingly never-ending sneezing fit. Not very therapeutic. 

Calmia Facial Cleanser Oatmeal Therapy Foam - I'm a bit wary of the foam cleansers that Memebox includes. They've all been a bit 'miss' for me. Not crazy about the scent of this cleanser but it has made my face feel soft & it didn't make my face feel tight or itchy so I guess it's alright for now.

Aromawiz Spa Bath Bomb Chocolate - There is no way, no way, that this would cost $42. No way. It wasn't even a very nice bath bomb either. Hopefully it was a typo and not just Memebox's price-inflation gone way beyond wrong. But yeah, the bath bomb didn't provide any bubbles like the card said it would, it didn't smell chocolately in the water, and it just felt like I was bathing in gritty, dirty water. Not good.

Overall Impression: I do believe that the items in this box are in keeping with the Cleopatra theme but they just don't do anything for me. It's not Memebox's fault that I'm very sensitive to floral scents, but I do believe they made a huge misstep in choosing the Aromawiz Bath Bomb [And trying to pass it off as $42]. Overall, another bland offering.

Value according to Memebox: $144 excluding the bath bomb.
Purchased: $30 USD


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