Thursday, 11 December 2014

Memebox - Cleanse & Tone

Now this is a good Memebox. Maybe that's why I disliked the Oh! My Lips box so much because they were both shipped together and this is just so refreshing and pretty and just wow! You know what's bad about this lovely box though? It's not for me, I bought it as a present for my Mum! I should have trusted my gut feeling & bought two. Anyway, gushing aside, let's see what's in the Cleanse & Tone box...

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Original & Resveratrol - Ah I just bought a five pack of mini Originals and gave some to my Mum! Oh well, she seems to like it so that's ok. These are great though, I love the sherbert texture and the oil finish. It makes my face so soft and fresh feeling.

Enesti Yuzu Foaming Cleanser - I'm really digging the packaging of this cleanser. The spring water & citron seed oil sound pretty brightening/nourishing. Have to wait and see what this is like though, I have a feeling my Mum won't enjoy it too much, she's not really into foaming cleansers. Fingers crossed it gets passed onto me hah!

A;T Fox Tea Tox Water Clear Tablet - Oh no I've been wanting to try this for so long! It sounds so strange and unusual & A;T Fox is one of my more preferred brands so this should be great. I still have yet to delve into the whole PH testing of creams and cleanser etc but I do know that a PH of 4.5 is preferable so it's good to see that they're conscious of that with the Water Clear Tablet. 

Neogen Code9 Glucose Skin - This sounds like a good introductory toner for my Mum, I'm glad Memebox included it. Neogen is usually pretty good so I'll have to see whether this toner does at least half of the things it's claiming it can [Like soothing, replenishing, firming etc]. 

Mizon Cotton Shower Sheet Essence - Ooh this looks cute! Very bold colours, I love it! I received the sheets that target dry skin which is good because my Mum has dry skin whereas mine is oily. I wonder why it's called Shower Sheet though? I'll have to look that up. These look like a great idea though, I'll have to buy some for myself, that's for sure.

Charmzone Ginko Natural Cleansing Tissue - Cleansing tissues are always useful and these are the perfect travelling size so they will be put to good use I'm sure. 

Value according to Memebox: $64 [Without the Banila Co. Mini Cleansers]
Purchased: $24 USD

Overall Impression: This was a great box and it is perfect for someone who's maybe not too sure where to start in regards to a South Korean skincare regime which usually contains up to around twelve steps. The products are interesting and seem to be of high quality which I would expect for a box that deals exclusively with items meant for the face. This box is the perfect gift and if Memebox ever releases another Cleanse & Tone box or similar, then I can assure you, I will be 'first in line'.


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