Monday, 1 December 2014

Memebox - City Girl

Ok, onto the second Memebox that I received today. I actually purchased this box as a Christmas present for my Mum so I'll just mainly be saying what I think of these products based on the card and appearances. After Christmas I'll just give little updates to say what my Mum's opinions were. 

Migabee Verbena Cream - I've been hearing lots of good buzz surrounding Migabee lately so I'm glad to see two of their products in this box. The ingredients look really good, can always use more shea butter products I guess. Hopefully my Mum has room for more face creams!

Mizon Oh! Shy Gorgeous On Liquid Cheek - I love peachy blushes, this sounds promising. But yeah, we'll see. Some liquid blushes that can double as lip stains turn out looking a little bit too vibrant. Mizon's a good brand though, I doubt this would be a terrible product. 

Shara Shara Dew Veil Primer Balm - I'm a bit weary of Shara Shara after that horrifying Cute Box 3 addition [You know the one...]. This sounds good on paper, I'm liking the whole avocado oil thing, but whether it's actually a useful products, I'll have to wait and see. They might redeem themselves yet.

Original Raw Multi Pigment 'I Am Designer' - I really like the look of this pack! So Summery and a little bit nautical looking, the packaging designs. Expensive though, wow. These can be used for so many applications - mouth, eyes, cheeks. But, with the inclusion of this in the box, was Mizon's Liquid Cheek necessary? I'm intrigued by the ingredients - amethyst, pearl & ruby powder?! I wish I could use these, they sound amazing.

Migabee Pure Berry Oil Soap Honey - This sounds great. Bee venom, multi use, and firming. What more could you ask for?

Value according to Memebox: $145
Paid: $25 USD 

Overall: The value for this box is crazy compared to what I paid. BUT...this box was supposed to be based on what ladies from Seoul picked as their most coveted beauty items. Somehow I highly doubt this selection reflects their choices. So yeah, it's a nice box, but I don't feel like it lives up to it's description:

"If you could only use one K-Beauty product for the rest of your life, what would it be? That’s the question we asked all the ladies in Seoul City! We hunted down the beautiful ladies of Seoul to see which beauty products they can’t live without to curate this special box, bursting with only the most buzzed about beauty innovations that’s all the rave among hot Seoulites!"