Thursday, 4 December 2014

Memebox - Beauty 911

To be honest, I don't really remember what made me buy this box. I think it was the whole 'Golden Ticket' promotion which I actually forgot about but yay, three free Memepoints for me. This Beauty 911 box was said to contain products that would help in any beauty emergency, everything from bad hair days to horrifying breakouts. Let's see if it lives up to it's description!  

Yadah Anti-T Spot Cream - This cream sounds great, it's free from some of the more irritating ingredients that other creams use which is more than okay by me! It smells really soothing, if that makes sense. This arrived at the perfect time for me as quite a few 'blemishes' have appeared on my skin this past week. I'll try it every day and see if it helps, fingers crossed. Update: I used this about an hour ago on a pretty obnoxious pimple I've had for a few days and it's virtually gone! I'm so amazed! It has to have been because of the cream, wow. Just, wow.

Neogen Miracle Lighting Eye Lifter - I don'r know why, by using a roller under my eyes kind of creeps me out. It's just not a pleasant feeling to me but this roller looks kind of promising...provided I can bring myself to use it. My under-eye-area is as dark as ever so I'm hoping that maybe this eye lifter will be the product that finally improves the appearance. 

Mise En Scene Perfect Repair - I love hair products and I'm glad to have a nice oil like this, I recently bleached my hair and it's just a bit dry so this gets two thumbs up. Mise en Scene usually have really good hair products  and I love the oils that are contained within this serum, like coconut and jojoba, my favourites. 

Vella Blind Sun Stick Protector SPF 50+ PA ++ - Well, sunscreens aren't really that exciting to be honest. I really should start protecting my skin on a daily basis though, especially in this scorching Australian Summer. So yeah, this is very useful, I don't hate it, just feel kind of indifferent towards it. Maybe if it was a larger sunscreen that was more for body use, rather than under makeup? Because I already have a few primers that have SPF. I really do love it's soapy scent though, oddly enough. 

Shara Shara Bee Tox Toner - Memebox seem to include a lot of Shara Shara products these days, dare I say too many. Shara Shara overload, especially when most of their products aren't too awesome. Prove me wrong Bee Tox, prove me wrong. I am glad to see the inclusion of a toner though, I don't have any and this one is for oily, pimple-prone skin so I'm actually kind of keen to try it! 

Cheek Room Lip Balm 05 Cherry Clover - Smells really nice, feels kind of sticky though. It's cute but not really a game changer. 

Value according to Memebox: $110
Paid: $25 USD

Overall: The Yadah Anti-T Spot Cream is the definite stand out product here. Memebox delivered with this one, every product in here could be said to help with beauty 'disasters' but I just kind of expected something like the Holika Holika 'After' sheet masks or a good face cleanser. But I will make use of these products so it's definitely a good value box to me.


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