Saturday, 22 November 2014

Mini Review Post

Hello! First of all, I'm very excited about he fact that this blog has finally reached over 1000 views! Might not sound like much but it's a nice little milestone & thank you for reading!

Now, this week I have been spending pretty much non stop. I've bought so many beauty products and I was fortunate to purchase some amazing products, which I will review briefly.

Banila Co. Clay Patra Mineral Salt Clay Pack [100g] - I originally received a sample of this in my first Memebox, Global 12, original review here. I can't believe I put off using this for ages, it's my absolute favourite mask and I'm so happy to have it in full size! Also, I think it's really cute that the sample has the exact same packaging, it really is lovely. I purchased the mask through Beautynetkorea's ebay site because it worked out to be the cheapest, $19.82 AU with free shipping, my favourite. Can't wait to try the two little samples I received too - Tony Moly I'm Real Tea Tree & Mizon Placenta 45. Placenta sounds a little bit weird, even for me, but I am curious.

The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Bath Jelly [$20.95] & Hand Cream [$7.95] 

These new Body Shop products actually smell like Crème Brulee, so vanilla and creamy. I'm practically drooling hah! These items are part of the limited Christmas range, which also features Glazed Apple and Frosted Cranberry. For some reason, the body butter doesn't smell like the other Vanilla items, it kind of has a strong rose scent which is a bit unusual. The bath jelly bubbles up nicely but it actually loses it's amazing aroma once it hits the water more or less. The hand cream feels really nourishing and I can tell I'm going to burn through it before the year is out.

Scholl Velvet Smooth Essential Moisture Cream &  Intense Serum [$14.99 Each]
My feet hate the amount of standing around I have to do every day at work, they practically cry. Scholl recently released a new line of serums and I'm pretty much a foot care hoarder so I had to buy them. There is another serum, it's an overnight cream, but it was sold out which is really annoying. Both these creams have left my feet really soft and they absorb quickly. I'm not sure if it's because of my work or the serums themselves but the moisture doesn't really last more than a day. I still really like the idea of these serums though, I'll trial them for just a bit longer.

As of yesterday, I am now subscribed to The Vegan Box, a monthly box that focuses on vegan food, beauty etc. It costs $25 AU plus $3 shipping [For a one-off month] which I actually find really reasonable for a box this style. I've been following them on Instagram and the contents of these boxes just look so exciting, I couldn't hold off any longer. So yeah, I'm really keen for this to ship December 1st, I'll review it as soon as it arrives.


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