Monday, 25 August 2014

Memebox - CutiePieMarzia Collaboration

Finally arrived looking a bit dishevelled which I assume customs might be responsible for. It's a very cute box but I sort of regret purchasing it. The main reason I did was for the Beauty People eyeliners and I already received them in the Cute Wishlist box. These eyeliners are super amazing by the way, you can see what I thought of them in my other post. The nail polish and Gelee are still a favourite of mine but I mean, apart from that...

Speaking of the Gelee pack, I'm going to stock up on these. They are seriously so good. My face feels so firm after using it! It's so cute, it's like slathering jam onto my face and it smells like strawberry jam too. It was a bit warm today and oddly, my face was so cold feeling after I took it off. I need five hundred of these, asap.

I'll give the eyeliners to my sister, for sure. Maybe the Babyface products too, the base just sounds really flowery and a definite trigger for my allergies, and the the essence will be too. I'll hang onto the balm though because I just love to hoard lip products, seriously, you should see my drawer. Update: I'm glad I kept the tint-balm, it smells just like the gelee pack!

It's a good box, I'm just annoyed that I already received the eyeliners. That is purely the only thing wrong with that box, for me. I didn't spend much anyway, it's definitely worth way more than what I paid. It's cute, the box itself is so so lovely, and I'll definitely check out more about Marzia. 

Cost: $23 [Paid $15]
Value according to Memebox: $88