Thursday, 21 August 2014

Another Little Update

I spent four hours in Ikea today. Four. Hours. Is that excessive? Probably, but oh well, I picked up a whole lot of goodies. My bedroom's undergoing a few renovations so I thought it was time to redecorate my nest a bit. So many cute plants, I bought a mixture of real & fake. Can never have too many plants! I'm eyeing off that chair up in my photo too. It's a big loud but I'm really stuck on it. My room could do with a huge burst of colour. 

I really need somewhere nice to store all of my makeup so a good chunk of time was spent looking for something suitable. There's just so many nicely designed pieces in Ikea. Probably not the sturdiest but they sure do look good. I'm a sucker for good design.

Oh yeah! This blog now has an instagram account! Instagram's being a bit picky right now though so I can't put a badge on here at the moment but you can find me on bluebirdbeautyreviews

Anyway, that's what's happening in my world outside of reviews ✿ ✿ 


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