Saturday, 5 July 2014

Memebox - Global 12

My first Memebox! This actually arrived so quickly, only about a week & a half. I was so surprised, it usually takes three weeks for my purchases from Korea. But to be honest, I'm not that impressed. It's all good, but there's no wow factor. I think from now on I'll just avoid the Global boxes and go for themed ones.


Ryo Anti-Hair Loss Treatment - It smells bad and I honestly haven't noticed much difference in terms of hair loss. I constantly seem to have strands falling out so I was pretty interested to try this but yeah, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. 

Clay Patra Mask - This is amazing. It smells nicer than the other clay masks I use - very beachy. Plus I love the slightly gritty feel of the salt and the exfoliation it provides. My face is so soft when I use it, so much more fresh feeling. Seriously considering buying some more! One tip though, do not use this after you've had a cold. My poor nose, ouch!

L.Vida Nail Polish - I received a really nice teal-ish colour. I have a Ciate polish almost exactly the same colour, this would make a much cheaper dupe, for sure. It's cute, perfect for days when I wanted to just brighten up my nails. Formula's good, goes on a bit unevenly but I happily added it to my rather large collection.

Plagentra White Mark Cream - I don't know if it's worked but it is a nice cream. Not much to report on here, it's just a stretch mark cream. I think I'll stick to my Palmers oil.

Palan Cysence Organic Essence - It smells really citrus-y and my hair is a lot softer after having used it everyday since I received it. I really like it, has a nice texture too, it doesn't make my hair look oily or anything like other essences I've used. As nice as it is, I really don't think I'd pay $72 for it. Maybe $30?

Cost: $23 [Paid $17 thanks to points]
Value according to Memebox: $134 excluding products that aren't full-sized. 


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